Connectivity for Everyone

What if bandwidth could be turned into a digital asset?

GIANT. Welcome to the connectivity economy

The world is rapidly changing and so is the way we get online and how we manage our money. GIANT moves the world forward by providing people with a seamless and intuitive way to start earning rewards for using the internet. In fact, being the financial network of the future, when you use the internet through GIANT, you become a stakeholder of the GIANT network.

One internet for all

We see internet access as a basic human right. An Internet that works for everyone can only be built together. GIANT was started from a desire to support the people in the world that are building the internet that this world needs.

GIANT is the Global Internet Access Network Token

The GIANT Protocol helps consumers become owners, enables telcos to provide financial services, and anyone to become a connectivity provider, creating a connectivity economy that is open to all, seamless, and secure by design, supported by a cryptographic token and governed by the community.


Consumers earn rewards as they consume bandwidth and cash back for prepaid balances


Providers offer financial services to consumers and receive risk-free exposure to crypto-currency


Developers help build connectivity and financial services of the future and get rewarded

GIANT Protocols

GIANT consists of a suite of financial and connectivity protocols. The suite of financial protocols is referred to as “GIANT Money”, whereas the connectivity suite of protocols is called “GIANT Connect”.



GIANT Money turns any phone number into a digital wallet and mobile airtime (data/wifi) into real world value for users. It enables anyone to send, hold and receive tokenized airtime using a phone number.

Asset 42

GIANT Connect

GIANT Connect enables anyone to become a provider of connectivity, as well as any user to get access to the internet anywhere in the world, and get rewarded for offering usage, coverage and access as well as consuming bandwidth.


GIANT Roadmap


Launched the first test app for the connectivity economy, with pay-as-you-go inflight wifi app (#1 category rank in App Store & Play Store)


Moved to supporting eSIM connectivity in 45 countries, laying the groundwork work for airtime as a digital asset

Q4 2021

Launching GIANT, the connectivity protocol that turns connectivity into a global,  digital asset

Testnet release of Teller protocol that turns unused airtime into virtual currency

Earn supercharged rewards when you go online through Wificoin

Q1 2022

Testnet release of Yield protocol enabling customers to earn rewards on their unused airtime

Testnet release of the connectivity protocol enabling data consumers and providers to earn GIANT rewards when they buy/sell data through GIANT

Q2 2022

Mainnet release

Introducing the GIANT native token enabling the community to participate in GIANT governance

Q3 2022

GIANT tokens may trade and be exchanged on the open market

USG may be “cashed out” through prepaid debit cards and GIANT’s growing network of Tellers

* This roadmap provides estimated release dates and descriptions for new features and functionality that may developed by, for, and/or on the GIANT Network by ShareG Inc. and other participants in the GIANT ecosystem. All information is subject to change.